Manha de CarnavalSolo Gitarre


Most of the nine compositions are deliberately kept in slow tempos. They may help the listener to switch from stressful everyday life to a more sedate mode.


You can place yourself in a location that suits you. For example, on a comfortable chair or sofa. Then close your eyes.

Open Sea 
If you feel like it, you can imagine that you are gliding over the water in a small boat when the sea is calm. Look into the distance and look at the horizon. Maybe you can see how the blue sky stands out from the blue of the water.


Feel-Good Island
Far away you will discover a small island. Maybe this could be your feel-good island. Be quiet on this island and explore it.


Come Down
You have arrived on your island and enjoy the carefree life. You enjoy the beautiful plants and animals. Everything is peaceful.


Between the Stories
It's evening and at the time o the  sunset, some thoughts still go through your head. Perhaps you will look back on the events of the day, but at the same time feel how you can look at everything with a greater serenity.

Morning Prayer
You greet the new day with gratitude. You are thankful for the new life force in you.


Throughout the day you face everything in your life with a benevolent attitude. You let everything come to you and observe how all events are temporary. You enjoy this beautiful state.


Quiet Afternoon
The afternoon you spend in a State of inner peace. And if thoughts arise that troubled you, you can trust that your inner voice gently reminds you to serenity.


Between The Thoughts
And when your thoughts are Spinning again, just watch the breaks in between. Remember Yelashane.


Soul Dance
Life is a gift. Let your soul dance.

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